Muslim Pro - Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla App Reviews

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Love it

Keep me up with my dean...

Great app

MasshAllah very useful app .it just need to have the compleat Adhaan on the prayer time

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افادكم الله


Very helpful with my dine

Very complete

Just perfect. Congratulation to the creator.

Great App

This app is perfect for those who need a little encouragement in the world. Kind reminders of daily prayers, fasting, and Quran readings help the keep Islam ever present. And there are so many other features!

Best Prayer App

To all those who worked on this application I send you my gratitude and appreciation for a job very well done. This is one of the best Apps I have both on my iPad and iPhone.

Amazing app

Wonderful app to recite Quran, to find qibla from anywhere in the world & to find maszid.

Good app

Manshaallah it is an excellent app.

Great App

Very well designed, and easy to use!

Life Saver

This app has helped me to get back on my deen with with the call to adhan for Salat. I also like the notifications that tells you to read daily Surahs.

I like it

I like this app, its very helpful

Muslim Pro app

I love love this app it helps me so much.


To the thoughtful people who created this app, I pray that Allah grants you Jannah

From Mariyah

On a scale of 1to 10 its a 9.The most stable of the Adhan apps for Apple I have tried! Shukran for the Ramadan version !but you need to include Shia Adhan and times for my husband as well? Sorry the brother had nothing nice to say about Shia-but it is how a Muslim practices his religion that counts and any Muslim that judges another Muslim is the one committing shirk. Only Allah SWT knows the true path to Jennah and I am starting to believe that some practices in the Sunni path are innovation as well JAK


Top app


The best app eveeeer ... Allahoma Wafi9hom (y)


Très bonne application baraka allah fikoum

Superb app, Please add Salah rules and rakah table

Been using it and its great. Recommend to add Salah rules and details for all the Salah.

Très bonne application, MachAllah

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